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At Lamotta Performance, we strive to offer our customers the most complete tuning experience in the industry. Our 2WD Dynojet 248H is the industry standard for performance dynamometers and the reading of horsepower and torque figures.

We have been tuning cars for more than 13 years, from fast street cars to 8 second race cars. We know there is a fine balance of fuel and air required for optimum combustion and maximum horsepower and smooth driveability. A proper tune will help you get the best driveability and power out of your vehicle regardless of the type of driving you do.

Lamotta Performance is here for all your tuning needs!

Our state of the art dyno measures up to 1,800hp and 200mph and has the following features:

- WinPEP7 software and hardware

- Ignition wire inductive tachometer pickup lead

- Air actuated brake system with safety override

- Automatically measures conditions (absolute pressure, air temp, etc.)

Our standard dyno pull offers monitoring of the vehicle's air/fuel ratio with horsepower, torque, a/f and one set of printouts.

Individual vehicle: 3 pulls for $80.00

Dynojet rental:

$500.00 on stock ecm cars (Lamotta tuning will require an SCT programmer or chip)

$600.00 on aftermarket fuel injected cars (Lamotta tuning)

$125.00/hour (customer tuned)

$700.00/day (customer tuned)

To reserve the dyno or schedule a tuning appointment please call 407-695-4549. The dyno is available by appointment only during normal operating hours.