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We specialize in maintenance, repair & complete rebuilds of all late model Ford manual transmissions including T-5, T-45, T56, TR-3650, TR-6060, MT82, Tremec TKO 500 & Tremec TKO 600. 

 We also offer these services for the TR-6060 & Tremec T56 for GM vehicles as well!

 We have over 20 years experience in offering this service in street & race applications. We have excellent pricing (Complete overhauls are typically $350 if transmission is brought for work to be performed on a bench, plus parts) & 2nd to none turn around times! Typical turn around is 1-2 days to complete your transmission! 



Another popular modification our customers like is after market exhaust. The labor cost for this ranges from $150 - $250 plus tax, depending on which brand of exhaust you choose. Some brands don't fit as well as they claim so the labor is a little more.



One of our most frequent jobs in the shop is doing gear swaps for our customers. We proudly stand behind our work as one of the most accurate & prompt installers for you to trust doing this intricate job. The labor rate for Model years 2014 and down is $400.00 plus tax & parts. $500 for a GT500 plus tax & parts. The labor rate for Model years 2015 and up is $850.00 plus tax & parts. We only use Ford Racing/OEM parts. We usually have your gear job completed the same day!



Another common install we are performing regularly on customer vehicles in the shop is clutch installations. We charge $400 labor to perform this job. Price could vary depending on the application. We can have your flywheel resurfaced as well for an additional charge. 



We install Longtube or Shorty style exhaust headers for $500.00 on Modular V8 Engines. We will not install certain brands due to poor quality & fitment issues so please call us beforehand! Please call for pricing on V6 applications. Please keep in mind when having this upgrade done you will need and SCT programmer as well. We have the programmers available for an additional $399.



We have a DYNO JET on site for custom tuning & to measure customer's horsepower figures. Our Dyno rates vary per situation please refer to the DYNO section above for more information.



Lowering Springs for most application years 2014 and down the labor rate for the install is $350 plus tax, years 2015 and up the labor rate for the install is $450. We also can have the vehicle aligned (highly recommended) at an additional charge. Please call when considering this upgrade to cover all of the additional parts you may or may not need such as camber bolts, pan hard bar, caster camber plates, etc.

Please note if your car is a convertible add $50 to the appropriate base rate.


Our hourly Labor Rate is $100.00

These price may vary depending on the year and make of the car so please call ahead with your specific application before budgeting your car's upgrades.